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This manual is for individuals or shops with little or no experience in automotive window tinting. It is designed to be used together with the Automotive Window Tinting Video, and explains in detail everything that the video covers as well as topics not addressed in the video, such as shop set-up, window film construction and nomenclature (VLT-Visible Light Transmission, etc), customer shade and color selection, and the basic selling points of window tinting. It is perfect for shops looking to add window tinting to their list of products and services.

Sunbutt.gif (208 bytes) Lists Tools-of-the-Trade and supplies every tinter must have to do quality work.
Sunbutt.gif (208 bytes) Shop set-up and benefits of window tinting are discussed to use as selling points to potential customers.
Sunbutt.gif (208 bytes) Explains window film construction and film specifications to better understand the industry's film labeling system.
Sunbutt.gif (208 bytes) Step-by-step instructions on every stage of the tinting process. Every window-group in a vehicle is covered, from proper templates to cleaning and squeegeeing techniques.




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