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Detailing For Profit
Manual Overview

What You Will Find in this Manual

• This manual will cover both basic and advanced detailing techniques that properly combine equipment, chemicals, and knowledge of the various surfaces of a vehicle into procedures that systematically rejuvenate and protect the vehicle surfaces.

• You will learn what "detailing" is, how to do it, and how to do it in a professional manner with professional results. You will also learn how to operate a professional detailing business. • This manual will provide basic information in a way that allows even the novice to learn how to professionally detail a vehicle. It is also a great review, with lots of tips and tricks, for those already in the industry. • This manual will cover general considerations for operating a detailing business. • Generic descriptions and recommendations of appropriate equipment and chemicals will be offered. Armed with this information, you can approach the supplier(s) of your choice and obtain the right equipment and chemicals for the job. • This manual will provide step-by-step procedures for detailing interiors, exteriors, and engine bays. Procedures will include a "recommended" set as well as other options common in the industry.
How to Use this Video Training Package The "Detailing for Profit" video training package is designed to be the finest available. The information contained in this package is comprehensive enough to be used for several purposes, including: • initial training for the new detailing professional; • a source of information for the experienced detailer who would like to improve a detailing process, gain more background knowledge, and discover new tips and tricks; and

• a tool for standardization of your shop's detailing process as well as an excellent training aid for new employees.

The videotapes and the manual are integrated in such a way that the manual provides complete technical description and background information on the subject while the video provides a demonstration of techniques typically used by professional detailers. Viewing the video by itself is not sufficient as a training device. Thorough study of the manual is also necessary for complete understanding of the subject matter.

We suggest the following progression in learning and studying the material:

1. Read the introductory sections of the manual.

2. Watch the video once through without stopping the tape or note taking.

3. Read the accompanying sections of the manual.

4. Watch the video again, taking careful notes, and pausing and rewinding the tape as necessary.

5. Practice the techniques on an actual vehicle, using the manual, the checklists (see Appendix G), and your notes as a guide.

6. Watch the video again and read the manual as necessary to improve your detailing process.

Each video is independent. The tapes do not have to be viewed in any particular order. The sequence that you use for your complete detail will depend on several factors that are mentioned in the tapes and covered extensively in the manual.

Safety is always the first priority. Consult the manual for extensive discussions about safety in the workplace of the professional detailer. And remember, even the best safety recommendations cannot substitute for common sense when operating a detail business. The information in this video package should be supplemented by thorough study of manufacturer's directions and supplier's recommendations for each chemical and piece of equipment that you use in your operation.






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