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How can I learn automotive window tinting?

There are basically two ways to learn automotive window tinting:(1) The best way is to find an entry level position (trainee) at a local tint shop. Be honest and up front about your plans to eventually have your own business. Many shops will agree to train you as long as you agree to work for a specified length of time after you have learned the trade, usually one to two years. Also, you should agree to sign a ‘no compete’ contract in which you agree not to set up your business within so many miles of the shop in which you trained. If you apply yourself, within 6 months to a year you should become skilled enough to tint professionally. It takes from three to six months of active tinting (tinting at least three to four times per week) to acquire the skills necessary to tint automobiles professionally.Tinting in a shop environment has two benefits: (a) Your are trained by an experienced tinter which greatly accelerates your learning curve, and(b) you are paid while you learn!

(2) If your situation makes working in a tint shop impossible, then you must learn “on your own” by acquiring a roll of film and the essential “tools of the trade,” and begin by tinting your own car over and over again until you learn how to produce “factory-looking” tint applications on every window of your own vehicle. Here are the steps necessary for all of you “Do-it-Yourself-ers” out there:

(a) Get our 75 minute Automotive Window Tinting Video into your hands! It is by far the most thorough and comprehensive video on automotive window tinting on the market. Watching experienced, professional installers ply their trade will give you insight and comprehension into exactly what needs to be done, which is the next best thing to actually working in a professional tint shop alongside experienced tinters. The video will make it look easy, but no video ever took the place of hands-on experience with handling film, which is your next step in learning automotive window tinting.

(b) Once you have viewed the video and read its companion manual, “Automotive Window Tinting Basics,” and have downloaded the phone numbers of the film distributors in your area and ordered some film and tools (at least (2) 20” rolls of film and all of your essential tools should not cost you more than $300.00), spend at least one to two months practicing on your own car and friends cars, charging them just enough to pay for your film. Begin by tinting the smallest window in your vehicle, such as a wing window that is fixed (doesn’t open or close). This way you save on your blown film costs, since you will make many mistakes at first and you might as well minimize your film usage as much as possible.(c) After getting your feet wet for a month or so on your own, we strongly advise you attend a training class on film installation. Many film distributors offer weekend classes free or for a nominal charge, and these classes will increase your exposure to new techniques and methods in auto window tinting. a 1-2 week training class is recommended if you have the time and money to invest in one. Contact us for a list of recommended training classes.

(d) After a month or two you should be able to tint most of the pick-up trucks and some of the recreational vehicles (SUV’s) on the road, as they have large but flat rear windows. It will take time and patience to learn the two skills necessary to tint most of the coupes, hatchbacks, and sedans - splicing and heat-shrinking. The rear windows on these vehicles are large and double-curved, which call for skill in splicing and heat-shrinking the film to conform to their curvatures. The important thing at first is to build your confidence by tinting the easier vehicles (trucks and cars with flat, one-piece rear windows). You will develop your cleaning and cutting skills in the process and slowly move toward increased competence in the other disciplines as well. Many people make the mistake of trying to do too much too soon in automotive window tinting, and give up because they encounter windows that demand proficiency in skills they simply have not had the time to master. Time and patience are the two indispensable elements in automotive window tinting, and both are free. Just keep at it and slowly your dedication and effort will pay off!



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