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How can I learn Residential and Commercial Window Tinting?

Residential and Commercial window tinting is easier to learn than automotive window tinting, but still must follow an approach similar to learning automotive tinting.(1) Learn from a pro. Find a business that tints R/C and become a trainee. This is by far the best method, as you will be exposed to immediate, hands-on training at a professional level. As a matter of honesty and personal integrity be sure and inform the company that you will eventually like to have your own business, and be prepared to sign a “Non-Compete” contract stipulating that you will not open a tinting business within a stated distance from his area of business. This falls under the “Do unto others” golden rule of life, as no one wants to train his eventual competitor!(2) If the first approach doesn’t work or you can’t quit your present job then begin by viewing Sunset’s Residential/Commercial Window Tinting Video. This 2 hour video will explain everything you need to know to successfully tint large home and business windows. Once you have taken possession of the video you qualify for our 800 Referral Program. Download the phone numbers of the film distributors in your area and contact them for their film prices and tool catalogs. R/C window tinting requires more of an up-front investment than automotive tinting because the film usage’s are much greater and more equipment is needed (ladders, film cutters, dry-cloths, a working pick-up or van, etc). Your pick-up truck will need to have a ladder rack, or better yet find a cargo van to transport your film, ladders, and tools from one job-site to the next.The least expensive route to take is to buy a 60” roll of medium density film. This shade will satisfy the needs of many prospective customers, but you will discover you will initially have to re-invest most of your profits into more film. This is where partial rolls will really help you conserve your film costs, as you slowly build your film inventory. You should realistically expect to spend between $1,500.00 to $2,500.00 acquiring enough of a film inventory to cover the basic needs of your customers.

After viewing the R/C video and purchasing a roll of dyed (least expensive) film begin by tinting some small size windows in your home. No point in beginning with the large sliding windows, as they will eat up precious amounts of your film. Concentrate on the smaller windows (French panes, small door windows) to develop your cleaning and trimming skills before tackling the larger and/or irregular-shaped windows.



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