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Get information about the laws and regulations in reference to automotive window tinting. Learn about DOT, AS-1 and 2, driver visibility and the legalities of tinted windows in Federal and State laws. Learn more

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Laws regarding window tinting

We get many questions regarding laws with reference to automotive window tinting. The federal government has strict laws for the tinting of vehicle windows that they classify as “requisite for driver visibility.” These windows have been assigned the DOT (Dept. of Transportation) “AS-1” (windshield), and “AS-2” (driver and passenger roll-downs) classifications, and which may only be legally tinted up to 70% VLT (visible light transmission). Since 70% is the normal factory tint most vehicles come equipped with any other aftermarket film application (window tint film) that you install on the front roll-downs would reduce the VLT to below the acceptable 70% shade, and therefore would be illegal from the federal governments point of view.

Fortunately the federal government has deferred to the states in setting and enforcing their own window tinting laws, and that’s good news for many tinters, as the states have generally taken a more permissive attitude toward allowing darker shades of film on vehicles. You can contact your state highway patrol office or consult your state's Department of Motor Vehicle publication to determine what’s legal and what is not. Check with your local state authorities to be sure."



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