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I got a ticket for tinted windows.
How do I remove the film myself?

Removing old film on roll-downs or other side windows of a vehicle normally is not due to adhesive failure but to tickets. If this is your problem simply roll the window down slightly to expose the top lip of the roll-down, take a 1” single edge razor blade and peel back the top corner of the film and slowly peel the piece of film off the window. Do it slowly, as this often will allow the old adhesive to remove with the film and make your job quicker and less messy. Peeling the film too fast will cause the adhesive to remain on the roll-down once the film has been removed. If this occurs (it normally remains on the window) then take your spray cleaner and spray the window and let it soak for about 60 seconds, then slowly razor off the old adhesive using firm, steady vertical strokes.

Again, check to see that all of the old glue is removed, otherwise the glue will show up as white blotches under the new film installation. Run your hand over the entire window to “feel” for any remaining areas of old adhesive. Cover the door panel with a cloth/rag to protect it from your soap and from the old adhesive you are removing."



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